30/70 Goose Down / Feather Pillow Inserts - Assorted Sizes

Due to high demand, these are currently taking 3 weeks to ship. 

30/70 down pillows may be more expensive but worth every penny!  If you are looking
for superior luxury these would be your best choice.  *The pillow inserts may ship separately from your pillow cover.  Please allow up to 10-20 days to receive them.

Square Pillows

cover size 18 " x 18"  -- insert size 20" x 20"

cover size 20" x 20" -- insert size 22" x 22"

cover size 22" x 22" --insert size 24" x 24"

cover size 24" x 24" -- insert size 26" x 26"

cover size 26" x 26" -- insert size 30" x 30"

     How do I know if I need to order an insert?  When our pillows include the insert the listing will be described as a "pillow".  If a pillow insert is not included the listing the title will state "pillow cover".

*If you have questions about sizing don't hesitate to send us a message.

*Made in the USA for Swan Court Limited 




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  • Just want to make certain that the pillow insert is 2" larger than the pillow cover size. For a 20" pillow cover, a 22" insert is needed. Ans, what is the difference between the inserts? One has more down than goose feathers?

    Hello,  You are correct.  Inserts should be 2" larger than the pillow cover.   For pillow inserts, the first (smaller) number is the percentage of down, and the last (larger) number is the percentage of feather.
    Therefore a 30/70 down/feather insert would have more down and be a softer pillow.  Thank you for your questions!  Carla

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