30/70 Goose Down / Feather Pillow Inserts - Assorted Sizes

Swan Court
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30/70 down pillows may be more expensive but worth every penny!  If you are looking
for superior luxury these would be your best choice.  *The pillow inserts may ship separately from your pillow cover.  Please allow up to 10-20 days to receive them.

Square Pillows

cover size 20" x 20" -- insert size 22" x 22"

cover size 22" x 22" --insert size 24" x 24"

     How do I know if I need to order an insert?  When our pillows include the insert the listing will be described as a "pillow".  If a pillow insert is not included the listing the title will state "pillow cover".

*If you have questions about sizing don't hesitate to send us a message.

*Made in the USA for Swan Court Limited 



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