Vinho Verde Italian Silk Velvet Pillow Cover

Swan Court
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Named after the famed Vinho Verde wine region of Portugal, this luxurious fine Italian Silk Velvet is a soft pale green, a sightly less saturated version of the Chianti Oliveto.  As with all velvet, this fabric reflects light and shimmers between a pale green moss, a whisper soft moss.  Pillow covers have a  hidden zipper closure at the bottom for easy insert removal insert when laundering. Truly divine!

*Vinho Verde will pair impeccably with the Chianti Oliveto for a fresh analogues look. and the Riviera Rose for a soft contrast. Whether you display Vinho Verde alone, or mix and match with the other 3 colors in the Old Vine collection, it will make a beautiful addition to your decor!

*This listing is for one pillow cover.  Inserts sold separately.

*Same fine Italian silk velvet fabric on both sides.

*Dry clean.


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