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Hi!  My name is Carla and I love to make things.  Fabric is my medium of choice.  It just speaks to me.  Perhaps it started as a child, watching my mother feverously sewing a dress, far more glamorous than anything we had seen in the square earlier that week.  Wherever it began, this lifelong affair with color, texture, and pattern, has bled into the very soul of who I am.  Nothing makes me feel more alive than stitching together a delicate scrap of raw silk, or a rich burnt velvet, to create a beautiful masterpiece. You could say I live for the fine art of textiles.

I have sifted through bolt after bolt, and hand selected some of the most show-stoppingly gorgeous textiles in the world, to create decor, accessories and all the things that make life a little more luxurious.  Both vintage, modern, and all at once universal and unique, some of the fabrics I use in my work are so rare, they're nearly impossible to source, while others are more readily available. My designs are carefully crafted and priced according to fabric availability, and brought to life with a deep, vibrant passion of my own. 

So please, take a look around and see which fabrics speak to YOU!

Here's to a beautiful life!



P.S. I LOVE to talk fabric, art and design.  Please feel more than welcome to reach out with questions, comments, or for one-of-a-kind design requests!

For more of my story, check out my blog Swan State of MInd.

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