Flight & Clouds Only - Stork White Wallpaper

Swan Court
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Flight is a wallcovering more beautiful than words can depict!  An exquisite wallpaper of the highest quality, each order is individually custom made.  Lead time is 2-4 weeks.  Available with birds, or with clouds only.

The Story
Handpainted clouds and birds become a large, immersive mural wallcovering when printed on grasscloth, silk, linen, paper, authentic metallic leaf, or wide-width vinyl. Our eco-friendly, sustainable grounds for printing include rapidly renewable hemps and cork. Available in a wide range of colors and customization options. Made to order with the industry's shortest lead times.

**Minimum order for this wallpaper is 4 panels.  Any increment of 4 panels or more may be ordered. The listed price is for one panel.

Paper - Venetian Glam Grass


Measurements per single panel:

Width Per Panel 36"   **Trims To 33"

Height 11'  ** Trim To Your Wall Height


Horizontal Repeat Six Panels 198"

Minimum Order Four Panels. The listed price is for one panel.


Also available in a 16' high panel (Contact me for pricing and to order)

Pre-trimmed - No


Gently wipe to clean.

** Lead time is 2-4 weeks.   This wallpaper is custom made for each order.  The minimum order is a 4 panels.  You may order additional panels in increments of 1 however, for each order including re-orders, the minimum quantity applies. 


Wallpaper is non-refundable. It is advised you consult with a wallpapering professional for calculating the amount of wallpaper needed.

A Sample is worth a thousand words! To be sure that a wallpaper will work perfectly with your decor, I highly recommend ordering a memo sample prior to placing an order for wallpaper.