Thibaut Sunset Boulevard Vinyl Wallpaper-Green and Blue

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Pattern # T13946
Colorway Green and Blue
Collection Palm Grove
Construction Non-Woven Vinyl Wallpaper
Width 27.00"(68.58 cm)
Repeat V 12.50"(31.75 cm)
Properties Straight Match Washable Scrubable Strippable Unpasted Pretrimmed
Flammability Class A
Flame: 25
Smoke: 20

Tested to US standards

Area 60.74 sq ft (5.64 sq m)
Length 9.00 yd (8.23 m)
Weight 5.54 lb (2.51 kg)

** Wallpaper is non-refundable. It is advised you consult with a wallpapering professional for calculating the amount of wallpaper needed. Always consider the pattern repeat in your calculations!

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